Bore Welding

Turntec uses a Bore Welder that can be mounted on the worn part and can fit inside the bore to be repaired.  We then have the ability to move in a rotary and axial motion.  As the torch rotates, it deposits one continuous layer of metal inside the bore.

Bore Welding Uses

Bore Welding

Bore Welding

Bore Welding is commonly used in construction, mining, machine shops, and anything in the petroleum industry.

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Bore Welding Capabilities:

Wire Diameter Range: .030″ to .045″ (.8 mm to 1.2 mm)

Buildup Diameter Ranges :

Bore: .88″ to 27″ (2.2 cm to 68.8 cm)

Outside: 0 to 14″ (0 cm to 35.6 cm)

Face: 0 to 20″ 0 to 50.8cm)

Unsupported Torch Reach: 60″ (1.5 m)

Length of Stroke: 37″ Deep

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