Monster Mazaks

In 2007 Turntec Manufacturing purchased 2 of the largest Mazak CNC Lathes manufactured.  The Mazak Cybertech 4500.

Monster Mazaks The Biggest Mazak Lathes in the Rockies!

Our monster Mazak, the  Cybertech 4500 are designed primarily for large work pieces.  This 45′ Mazak is built Tough!  The Cybertechs have the rigidity and horse power for heavy duty cutting with multi-tasking capabilities for big part machining.

Mazak Cybertech 4500

Mazak Cybertech 4500

Mazak Power!

The Mazak Cybertech 4500 allow us to perform turning, milling and tapping operations all in a single setup.  Our Cybertech’s also have the abilities to do deep boring operations up to 40″ using our long boring bar stocker with automatic changer.


No Job is too BIG for our Monster Mazak

We are always discovering new avenues we can test drive with these Mazak Cybertechs.  So far we have been able to build it all.  If you can dream it we can build it.  The capabilities and experience Turntec Manufacturing brings to the table is the very best the CNC machining industry had to offer.  We highly encourage you to take a look at our Monsters, the Mazak Cybertech and would also invite you to watch our videos featuring the Cybertechs.  Be sure to bookmark this site as we will be constantly adding new videos and your sure to see the Cybertechs!

We are constantly showing these machines to companies from all around the world.  They are constantly turning 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  We extend the same invitation to you, come on out and witness the Monsters yourself.

These machines are available to customers, however they are high in demand so don’t wait!  We are here to fulfill your requirements today.  Try our quote page today.  simply load the files to your desire into our system and we will be in touch with you very shortly.  Put our monster Mazak to work for you!