Our Engineering Department

Turntec employs a staff of experienced engineers specializing in Mechanical engineering, including over 15 years of product design and development for the oil field industry.

The engineering departments uses state of the art software including Autocad, Solidworks and Advanced Professional Simulation FEA modeling.  We also use Mastercam X, to collaborate with these programs to provide exact manufacturing specifications and CNC programing.

What can our Engineering do for you?

Our engineering department works hand in hand with a graphics team to provide product support and sales literature including product specification and other technical writings.

We analyze failures and improve fatigue life on complicated assemblies.  Our engineering department is also responsible for the design and development of custom products for a diverse number of product lines.



What makes Turntec Different?

We are not just a machine shop.  Today customers expectations are far beyond a machine shop producing parts.  They are looking for assistance in the research and design of their parts.  From the initial concept Turntec has a production process with full engineering support that not only improves the quality and value of your parts, but also maximizes the efficiency.

We will be involved in every aspect of your project.  From the initial idea, to the chemistry of the materials being used.  Our engineers will work hands on with you and your designs and offer complete print controls and development.  Your prints and revisions stay under complete control of our engineering department.

Our engineering department also has the ability to reverse engineer parts according to your specifications.  Please contact our engineering department to address your special needs.

Our engineers are waiting to hear from you today.  If we don’t have a solution to your situation we’ll figure it out!  Contact us now to speak to us about our engineering capabilities.